"Nom solum autem voluit esse aequalis deo, quia praesumsit habere propriam voluntatem, sed etiam voluit esse, volendo quod deus illum velle nolebat, quoniam voluntatem suam supra voluntatem dei possuit."



Mors Liberatrix has begun to exist around 1995, but at this time it was not named and it didn´t exist as a band. It was the gathering of Gonius Rex, Guardião and Nazgul as night searchers and cursing upon the forests of Sintra that made this musical trio to be forged. For many years it kept like this, until suitable conditions were acomplished and Mors Liberatrix became active. We never searched for recognition, nor for followers. We merely intended to create something for ourselves, as we know it is very difficult for someone to undestand what we had made.

Mors Liberatrix composed four tracks, and was alseep for several periods of time. At the year 2000, a live event was celebrated as an opening for Corpus Christii, at Lisboa. Then it feel asleep again...

Time has now passed, and we were invited to record the material. This will be the only released music, as the project has been terminated. Mors Liberatrix is dead! Nevertheless, we remain active in such acts as Onirik and Raptus, as a kind of continuity and tribute to the former band.


Gonius Rex